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Some Steps For The Maintenance Of Tennis Court

To make your tennis court last longer,its regular maintenance is very essential. Tennis court which is regularly maintained and cleaned can expand its surface life for further years. People in Surrey often ignore the maintenance of the court thus it causes them extra expenses in repairing it again and again. To get over this issue, you can hire professionals who provide you with the service of tennis court builders in Surrey. With the help of them,you can have your regular cleaning with all the professional tools involved.

Modern methods are used by them to clean the court are as follows:

-> Pressure washing– if your tennis court is very dirty and contains marks which cannot be removed by simple cleaning, you can go for pressure washing. In this,the pressure of water is used to clean the tennis court. The pressure should be adjusted according to the requirement. High pressure can fade the surface color. Adjust the pressure which is suitable to remove all the dirt from the surface. This cleaning will leave you with a new looking tennis court in no time.

-> Surface protection-  go for the resurfacing if needed and to provide extra protection to the court surface do not allow any vehicles, skateboards or bicycles on it as these can cause scratches and can chip out the surface easily. Chewing gum and other food items should be avoided on the court. Non water drinks should also be avoided as they all can damage the surface and can cause marks and stains.