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The Most Popular Furniture Styles To Have

The trends in interior home décor change every day in UK. One day people prefer bold and bright décor and another day soft and light style décor is in trend. So, you can easily make your home interiors attractive with different styles of furniture. This high quality furniture is available at many online shops such as quailinteriors.co.uk. Some of the different popular styles of furniture are given below. 

Traditional furniture -This style gives a classic décor and it emphasizes on simplicity and elegance. The traditional style furniture is available in deep colored woods such as white, brown, merlot, cheery and espresso. They are designed with the noble materials such as silk, leather and velvet. You can also get them in other materials like cotton, chenille and linen. The damasks, floral and foliar patterns are popularly used.  

Modern furniture - The modern style of furniture has a sense of simplicity and is defined by geometric shapes, clean silhouette and crisp lines. They are mostly available in neutral color palettes like white, gray and black. They are designed with cold materials like glass, wood, metal, plastic and steel. To design them leather, faux leather, microfiber, PU and vinyl fabrics are used.  

Transition furniture -This style of furniture is best to complement the home interiors. The design of transition furniture offers a great balance between classic elegance and modern materials. It is characterized by straight and curved lines, classic and modern silhouettes. They are available in all colors of dark and light shades. They are designed by warm and inviting fabrics like velvet, leather, chenille and linen.